Hand Tools



At least two sets of combination spanners are very usefull in every day circumstances depending on your projects you may also need both metric and imperial sets.

Tight spots often mean that stright spanners are not enough and there are a great many shaped spanners on the market to help you out in a tight spot.



sockets Again sockets come in metric and imperial and you may need both. The number of teath is also important more teath mean its easer to locate the tool on the nut but on old nuts and bolts this can lead to the head being dammaged. The most common size used is the 1/4 square drive, but smaller sizes are often useful as well as converters.


ratchets Essential. Three sizes of wrench will fit both metric and imperial sockets. A good quality set will last a lifetime.


Touque Wrenches

tourque wrench

A tourque wrench is essential to ensure bolts are tightend to specification, in some situations over tightening can dammage threads or components (especaily aluminium).

Buy at least one decent tourque wrench. A good quality one will last a life time.

Socket Extensions

socket extension set Another essential set of tools extend your reach in to those hard to place areas. These often also alow the socket to deflect slightly so that you dont have to be completely square on to the bolt.



screwdrivers I dont think i need to say anything other than Essential! However cars arnt only equiped with posi-drive, phillips and flat heads. Now theres all sorts of special heads to challange you. A comprehensive set is essential otherwise you may come unstuck half way through a job.



hammer No one wont do. A heavy lump hammer will loosen, but its also handy to have a soft blow hammer to install or adjust things with out distroying them.


Hex & Other Key sets

hex keys Essential! Cars have differnt key types all over the place and I'm sure that manufactures keep inventing new ones!


Magnetic picup

magnetic pickup

Pickup that stuff you droped, cheep and essential!

Circilp pliers

circlip pliers Less common on day to day servicing but can be usefull if you rebuld gearboxes or replace innter cv joints.


Crimping tools

crimp tool Lots of stuff needs crimping on cars CV joint boots electrical connections these tools are realy handy. They can be expensive but work very well, beware cheep alternatives that are very poor.
electrical crips  

Connector Block Tool

connetor removal tool

These tools can be very handy for the removal of wires housed in plastic connector blocks. Often these crimped connectors are very expensive or unobtainable. To be able to remove them with out dammage is therefore highly desirable.