Latest: Mk4 Golf R36 Conversion

r36 in a mk4 golf

I'm back baby!

Ok so 4 years since i started on this, marrage house babys etc all stopping me from updating this page untill now!
So heres somthing a bit special. I recently had the chance to convert a friends 2.8 v6 4motion to an r36. The r36 is similar in many respects to the 2.8, both share a near identical block. So physically its not a huge job. Technically however there are vast differences. The 3.6 engine is FSI, and uses a completely different method fuel delivery. Instead of fuel being injected in to the inlet track, fuel is injected directly in to the cylinders just before ignition. This makes the engine very efficient, using less fuel and generating less heat through the combustion process.

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