MK2 G60

the car in its original state

So this is how life started for my little MK2 golf, a 1.3L engine basic model.

engine bay

Theres a lot of room in that engine bay and its not hard to see why, with many other engine options avalible there is a good deal of potential to go for bigger lumps. The mk2 also has a seperate subframe wich makes installing larger enignes a bolt on affar.

Converting from a 1.3 the only way is up, and theres a lot of choice 1.6 1.8 8v, 1.8 16v, G60 and VR6 are all engines that will fit in. Only the VR6 engine will need some slight alterations to the body of the car. Transmission tunnels were larger on G60 and VR6 models but this is not a necessary modification uniless you wish to convert to four wheel drive too. Things are alittle tight but good exhaust wrap or heat shilding will ensure that nothing gets too hot!

I decided to go for the G60 engine, these are much milined engines and get a lot of stick for being unreliable. But they are also very impressive in terms of power out put and innovation in supercharger design. For perspective the engine is based on the 1.8 8v lump producing arround 115 bhp. The G60 suppercharger boosts this conservitivly to 165 bhp. Without too much trouble this can be increased further to arround 200bhp.

Once the decision is made then there are a number of varients that you can choose from, the best option is to find a mk2 golf G60 otherwise the corrado is the only other option. Corrados are more common because the MK2 G60 was never avalible in the UK in massive numbers. I managed to find an imported left hand drive G60 wich i striped completely for parts. This is another essential. When converting any car up from a basic model assume that nothing except the body shell is thesame. Make sure to get as much of the doaner car as possible.

For the G60 the main differences are, Engine, subframe, front lock carrier, fuel tank, brakes, master clinder, brake servo, gearbox, pedal box, gear shifter, susspension, anti roll bars, clutch, dash & wireing loom.

The G-Charger is a really innovative supercharger, even today. Perhaps a little too innovative for some this unit contains a scoroll that compresses air against the walls of the chatger, to produce a constant flow of compressed air. Because it is driven off the pully it does this right from 0 rpm, unlike a turbo charger. The catch is that only specialist companies can be trusted to rebuild these units. Unlike turbo chargers they are extreemly expensive to replace. I opted to have my charger rebult whilst the engine was going in, i chose to send mine to europe for a rebuild becasue they are more common over there and so the experience level is much higher.


Very happy witht he result, as well as being fully rebuilt i had the unit ported out for extra performance.

Meanwhile in the garrage the engine was going in. Because this engine was from a mk2 it had the massive front mounted intercooler meaning i should get more power than the corrado.

engine going in

Because the wiring loom came from a left hand drive car the wiring loom would not go straigt in. However it was simply a case of extending the loom so that it could fit to the fuse box in the right hand drive configuration. Engine and subframe fit right in to the hole left buy the 1.3.

The G60 is coupled to an 02A gearbox wich differs from all the other gearboxs for the mk2. All other boxes use shift rods with a lot of linkages. To simplify this all newer boxes shifted to cables. The mounting system for the shifter is slightly differnet and i made up an adapter plate using the mountings from a rod shifter.


After trying it out for size welding the two togeather is a simple job.

Other considerations during the upgrade focused arround brakes susspension wheels and exhaust.


A nice set of coil overs from FK give a firm ride but still allow for some comfort. There harshness can also be ajusted, aswell as the ride height of the car. Along side this a set of G60 antiroll bars will give the car good flat handling, not the rear ARB is an integral part of the rear beam, so the original must be binned.

exhaust system

A Stainless steel exhaust system from Jetex really impressed me with its quailty and completeness. It also went togeather like a dream with no contact with the body. I also used a four branch manifold also in stainless steel. Be cairfull though on UK right hand drive many of the aftermarket four braches do not fit as they clash with the stearing rack. Be sure to get a UK speck manifold.


As stopping is important the brakes need to be beefy, as well as a lager master cylinder and servo the calipers and disks need attention. These are twin piston calipers with a 280mm disk. For these to fit the original wheel hub carriers need to be thrown away and replaced with G60 units. These audi calipers then fit right on.


engine finished

Engine all in the bay is now considerably fuller! The engine with its ported charger and smaller pully produces 190bhp, a jump of 115bhp from the original 1.3.

finished car

Looking sharp, the finished car complete with a few cosmetic aditions. Single wiper, big bumpers, RH MBN alloy wheels, chineese door handles and an Audi A3 interior.