Audi $4

picture of my silver s4

The Audi S4 was never really intended to be a major project of mine but it has massive potential for tuning. Out of the factory the B5 S4 is a fast car with 265bhp coming from its tiwn turbo charged 2.7L V6. Coupled with the Quattro four wheel drive system it really is an impressive machine even 10 years on.

The potential for tuneing can clearly be seen in the B5 RS4, producing 450bhp from the same basic setup.

They are also becoming very affordable with some examples selling for arround £3000. However do not under estimate the S4's ability to consume vast ammounts of your hard earned cash.

I haven't yet embarked on a major tuning project here but it is very tempting especialy as my S4 has been tinkered with already.

Mine came with the following modifications:

APR Solid Ypipe - To replace troublesome Y tube

APR ECU Chip - Remaped to 320Bhp

Samco boost hoses

Boost Guage

Currently in this section i have compiled a few pages showing some of what has been done to date.